Spring Break

April 23, 2014

oh no! Where did the month of April go?

I wish I could say it has been idyllic but it hasn’t.

I was on a roll with the whole conflict and was working my head around the situation and my response to it and then WHAM! It just got real. Everything with that situation got put on the back burner. It wasn’t a priority as long as my daughter was in a good place about herself and she understood the gravity of her actions. T1 is a resilient young lady.

To say that I have had to use every tool in my tool box to control a uncontrolable situation would not be an understatement.

I have to credit my experience with WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Program) and the resultant support group that grew out of that 13 week course. Being aware of myself allows me to self-regulate and make decisions. Being out of control can lead to indecision and paralyzing fear. Often, taking a first step, some action, is more than half the battle. Doing nothing is a self-defeating circle of hell.

The stress of these situations has taken a toll on my sleep, my stamina, and my health. I have had a flare up of the PsA and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried that my current drug protocol isn’t working. The pain in my knee had me scared the debilitating swelling and joint damage had returned. I have taken it easy and taken anti-inflammatories round the clock and things seem to be settling down without the swelling from last time. I will have to discuss this with my rhuemetologist in May. Knowing it is a chronic and life-long condition always brings the fear that current medications will stop working and new, maybe less effective ones will have to be found.

The girls are so busy–USO Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, soccer, concerts and more concerts … we are ready for the Chief to come home. 3 maybe 4 weeks. We are also almost 60 days out from our special summer plans.

The weather has been absolutely nuts! I have a feeling we’re going to have two weeks of spring and then BAM! Summer.

So that is where April went. I will be happy when Father-Daughter Dance is over (my troop “volunteered” to run it). My most challenging 5k is in a few weeks as long as the knee returns to normal. The Chief will be home before I know it. I’m counting on it.


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