Ft. Hood

April 5, 2014

Our thoughts and prayers are once again with the men and women and families at Ft. Hood, TX. We are grateful that our Hawaiian ohana were no longer stationed there and report that none of their friends and coworkers were casualties.

A friend who works with troubled teens posted the Buzz Feed article on her FB page: “How Veterans are Diagnosed with PTSD”

The tag line about the gunman “Does it matter if he did (have PTSD)?” is what intrigued me.

I’ve said before, I have PTSD. I’m not a combat vet but I have lived through trauma (and in the last week had my initial trauma slapped in my face over and above the issues we just had with T1 and my friends (Parenting Parts 1, 2, 3)). I know there are times when the rage is barely kept in check but it would take provocation and extreme danger to myself or my children to make me snap. But are all those with PTSD doomed to be violent and murderers?

I appreciate how this article is educational and how it wraps up that very issue.

It’s a grave misconception that veterans with PTSD are typically anything other than “productive members of society,” Schnurr said.

Ft. Hood is a tragedy either way you look at it.


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