When Will this Winter End?

March 4, 2014
T2's reaction to ANOTHER snow day...

T2’s reaction to ANOTHER snow day…

We’ve had something like 13 or 14 snow days. And if you made it through my last really long post you know that my girls lost 2+ hours of instruction every day last week to either a bomb threat or a delayed opening.

Here’s the kicker: for the first time since my children have been going to school (pre-K for T1 10 years ago) our county decided that we should start school after Labor Day. We used to get special permission to go against the region’s amusement park laws because when bad weather hits we have rural parts of our county that just don’t get dug out well enough to ensure the safe transport of students. The county made a big deal about not extending our school year much past our end of school date in the second week of June–they got rid of the last week of school being nothing but half days and made them full days of instruction. Not that any instruction really goes on during those last days but still, they count!

If we had gone back to school at our usual date and time in August that would have been 9 of these 13 snow days. We’d still be in the positive. In the past it served us well when other nearby Labor Day counties were having to extend their school days and take away teacher work-days.

And now this. One of the worst and longest winters we’ve had in a while. And I don’t think we’re done. I’ve had as many snow days on my mid-March birthday as I’ve had snow on Thanksgiving (which interestingly is more times than I’ve had white Christmases). And let’s not forget that last winter we had a snow day the 25th of March. I know this because that was the last date the Chief used the local cancellation website on his Kindle when he called up the page a few weeks ago.

I hope the county realizes the errors of its ways and reconsiders the 2014-2015 calendar.

Snow days just aren’t as fun without the Chief. But we did go to IHOP today for National Pancake Day. Glad I rode my exercise bike for 6.2 miles. 🙂


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