PMS … it’s not what you think!

February 25, 2014
This game actually came out after Kill Doctor Lucky, but takes place before. Both games are fun to play!

This game actually came out after Kill Doctor Lucky, but takes place before. Both games are fun to play!

The other night, before the Chief shipped out, we were having a Family Game Night. If you haven’t played either Kill Doctor Lucky or Save Doctor Lucky, you don’t know what you are missing.

The girls were being a bit obnoxious. Loud. Goofy. Interrupting the game in a major way.

The Chief was not having any of it. In fact if it had continued he would have called the game. After one grumpy bark, T1 exchanged a look with me.

Smiling, I started signing to her under the table. Apparently not as far under the table as I thought. While she struggled with the letters, the Chief blurts out, “PMS.”

My only response was, “Well, if the shoe fits.”

Yesterday, a day after the Chief left, T1 asked, “Mom, when you were signing PMS, did you mean me or Dad?”


T2 then chimes in, “Yeah, he was grumpy. We were just having fun.”

“You know he gets into his mode before he leaves. You guys were being a bit rowdy.”

T1: So it’s kind of like ‘Pre-Maritime Stressing.’

Me: Exactly!

I told the Chief about this revelation and his defense is “I was just trying to enjoy the game and they weren’t letting me with all their acting up.”

No comment. “Just thought I’d warn you before I posted it for the world to see.”

P.S. In a funny twist it turns out T1 was PMSing. HAHA! Now I know what’s wrong with me!

One comment

  1. Yup, I know what you mean. Just before the suitcases come out is when it starts around here. It’s their way of needing to disengage I think, don’t you? It’s easier to leave the bosom of the family if they act all mad. I just ignore him or tell him to stop being cranky or if that doesn’t work, I say why don’t you just quit! That usually snaps him out of it lol.

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