Where has the time gone?

January 22, 2014

It is January 22nd and I am not sure where the time has gone.

I haven’t written much. It is not that I don’t have anything to blog about, it is just that the moments are pretty mundane.

So today I will just say that for once in a long while I’m happy for the snow days.

By this time I have usually posted that I wish the girls would go to school. And immediately people would comment back and chastise me about not appreciating the fleeting time with T1 and T2. “Enjoy it–the time goes by too quickly.” “Rather than complain, make memories with them.”

Wow. Doesn’t anybody appreciate or understand that on days like these there is a feeling of waste when the Chief isn’t here to share with us? I feel the same about the regularly scheduled school breaks and don’t get me started about the 2 and half months of summer he misses out on.

I’m sure quite a few who chastise me have their spouses home, especially the government workers who also get the occasional snow day, home to share with them. Or who are there with them if the power goes out at night.

And the girls notice a difference between snow days with the Chief and without.

So we had a fabulously long Christmas break followed by several snow days recently. Not a complaint from me. I haven’t even heard T2 moan that she cannot be in school.

It is definitely better with the Chief home.

Maybe that’s why the time is flying.


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