Naming the Year 2014

January 3, 2014

What would you Name your year? What was last year? What will this year be?

Last year I named 2013 The Year of Listening. For the most part I think I did and I made some changes. On the other hand, I think there is a big project in my future that I just keep finding excuses not to start. The Chief and I are learning to listen to each other in different ways, by taking harder looks at ourselves. T1 and I have had to talk about some tough topics the past two months and surprisingly so much has been about expression and how to act in a conflict and really looking at what is behind the action–not even the words.

For 2014 so much of the year will be focused on T1–ending middle school and starting high school. Just in the first 6 weeks of this year working on special program applications before she even gets into high school! So much attention falls on T1 that I don’t want to forget T2 and all that she processes and holds close to her heart. I want to hear her as much as I do her sister. We have a big milestone family trip this summer and we’re all looking forward to that.

If I had to name the year, I want 2014 to be a Year of Balance. To balance time between the girls and meeting their needs. Balance of work (i.e., actually subbing more) and free (lazy) time. To balance volunteer time with family time. To balance my priorities to finish that big project without excuses (and continuing listening more!).

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  1. You are making me THINK. I don’t have any sort of plan for ’14, and now I feel that I should! Happy New Year to you and the Chief and your family!

    • I’m just trying to find a balance from what I do have planned and spontaneous family time that’s all. Part of me thinks “If I had done better planning I wouldn’t have scheduled all the appointments when the Chief has a 3-day conference or I could have gone with him” but I can’t plan for everything. Happy New Year to you, the Captain and yours!

  2. I like how you’ve named the year “Year of Listening”. I never thought of such a thing…It makes me consider doing that too! 🙂

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