Thirty Days of Thanks Week 1

November 8, 2013

A friend of mine beat me to the punch:

KGB: A few years ago a friend of mine used the month of November to  list the blessings in her life. I invite all my friends to join us on our quest to remember to be thankful for at least one thing each day in November. (Thank you, SnipeWife)

Nov. 1 Today I am thankful for God and His promises kept.

Nov. 2 I am thankful for fathers. The Chief is a wonderful dad. I don’t parent alone, even from afar he’s part of the whole process and involved with our family. If the girls are going to “find men just like their dad” (which is my prayer) the bar is set pretty high. The Chief is a provider and a leader just like my own dad (and its scary how similar their sense of humor is!). And the Chief is just like his own dad. I am blessed to have all three still in my life (and so are my girls). Please hug your fathers today or send them a note of thanks … I’ve just learned of the 7th friend/acquaintance to lose their father in the past three months.

JP: Well said, SnipeWife.

Nov. 3 I am thankful for Bright Light. She made me a mother, she changed my world. I can’t believe she is 13 and we’re planning for such a bright future and praying every day that she stays on the path she’s chosen to walk and that she will be blessed. She came home last night from a youth retreat telling me about all the energy and love and friends from camp … acting like such a teenager. And this morning, yelling at her sister for not letting the dogs out … acting like such a teenager. Some days I am in such awe of her and to God for giving her to us (what a responsibility!) and other days I know exactly why He gave her to us as my patience wears thin.

Auntie B: You know I love that kid! I love them all, but I loved her from the start. Thing 2 and I had to get there. Thing 1 has always been there. And that my friend is a testament to you being a good Mom and doing the thing my sweet Shirley said was the best thing any Mother could do for her children. Give them a good  father. And you did one better, you built a village of smart, loving and Christians to take the journey with your family. Thank you for sharing with me.

Nov. 4 I am thankful for Happy Girl. She’s my little buddy, dancing to her own tune, challenging life and always smiling. What an interesting mix of so many things … it is never a dull moment. Sometimes she rails about being second but she just doesn’t get that there is only one J and she will always be unique. I am thankful for her easy temperament (except with her sister) and truly blessed by the gift she is to us.

Auntie B: I believe it is no secret that it took a little time for Thing 2 to warm up to me. But once she did, she is an amusing one. The first time I remember her wanting to talk to me was at [your sister’s] legal entanglement to that thing. She yelled “Auntie B come here!” I asked her what she needed, her response “Did you see my flowers?” But I think the biggest bonding moment for T2 and I came courtesy of a goofy feline. She was so adorable taking care of him. Thank you for Thing 2.

Nov. 5 I am Thankful for music. From rocking out to making a melody in my heart, music is a gift and an expression. I’m thankful my children share the Chief’s musical talent and not mine and they enjoy it passionately. But I still love to sing and love to “quack” my way through a song on the oboe the Chief got me this year. I love sharing musical tastes and experiences with my girls. I love it when the words or the tune express just perfectly what it is that I’m feeling.

Nov. 6 I am thankful for cellular communication that keeps me in contact with the Chief while he is away. There are times when I live for the phone to ring to hear his voice and get comfort, and others where the out of the blue phone call just brightens my day just because. We haven’t entered the modern age of skyping or anything like that (we don’t even have smart phones) just his voice is enough.

JBB: I remember the days that we had to wait until they made it to port to find a pay phone (what’s that?) and then try to remember all the things I needed to tell E or hope that I was home at the right time!  Thank goodness for cell phone and email!  Tell the Chief hello for me!

Nov. 7 I am truly thankful for the women who have come into and stayed in my life the past 5 years (a few of you a little longer than that). Through ups and downs, thick and thin, fan clubs and hot tubs, muffins and pie, you know who you are and each and every one of you is so dear to me. Love you all.

TM: love you too and your pie!

YB: Me likey the hot tub adventure! Lol

Nov. 8 Today I am thankful for all my nieces and nephews and all the experiences I’ve gotten to have with them being their Auntie. The oldest have turned into fine young men and women and the youngest always put a smile on my face. We may be a small family but I’m thankful the girls have such friends and wonderful memories. Love you M, K, C, V, E, I, S!


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  1. So much to be thankful for!

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