How Could I Have Missed This??? (Take 2)

November 7, 2013

I know how. Have your contact information send contacts to a e-mail account you only use like twice a year. That’s how.

On APRIL 24, 2013 I received an e-mail from a delightful fellow mariner wife named Callie.

Just found your blog, I had no idea you were out there, Enchanted Seashells directed me your way!  I started a website last December along with a blog, Calliesmariner.com & calliesmariner.blogspot.com.  I’ve just been reading some of your posts and it’s  wonderful to know you’re out there, too. 😉  Now I’m going to go add you to my blog list so I can keep up with you!  A new friend!  Callie

Callie’s mariner is on the deck side, like Enchanted Seashell’s tugboat captain, but I won’t hold that against her. 🙂

It is now NOVEMBER 7th! I hope Callie did not take my silence and lack of response as a personal snub. I wouldn’t want to fuel the whole engine vs. deck thing and let it spill over with the wives. 😉 I don’t even remember making that e-mail account my default e-mail for messaging.

I applaud Callie, and Enchanted Seashells, for filling the void about all things merchant marine, mariners, and spouses. I am still hampered by this whole blogging anonymously but after nearly three years of blogging (my anniversary is coming up) I may have to change things up a little bit. Besides, I am a little outnumbered and need to find another engine wife out there to balance things out.

WordPress is being a little fickle this morning and not letting me auto add links but I will be updating my resources page and blog list ASAP. Heck, it’s not even allowing me to auto tag right now either! I am seriously starting to get peeved… I have been trying all day to add tags and update this page!!



  1. It’s been a slow but steady drive to reach out to our mariner spouses. I’ve been lucky to meet several via Facebook. I won’t be around as much, hub is FINALLY coming home. He’s been gone since Aug. 20, well past the 2 month time frame. Oh well. Now it hopefully means he’ll be home for all the holidays, so I’m happy. Hope you’re doing well, and your Chief’ll be home too! Hi to Callie as well.
    PS When I recently had a prob with WP, I shut it all down, restarted my computer, and re-logged into WP and that seemed to take care of the issue. Good luck!

    • Glad the Captain is coming home! Our rotations are usually 75 days but I think we had 10 days added for training. He’s been out a month and due home around Dec. 22nd. But it is WAY to early to make plans on that.

  2. PS Can you add a Twitter share button too? I FB’d your post.

    • I think I can but I don’t Twitter. I really wish WordPress would stop messing up my blog today–10 attempts just to reply to you!

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