It is Friday!

October 25, 2013

The Chief is back in range. The following is the e-mail I sent him this morning. My snark filter must still be in bed.

Getting ready to head out to [trainer], stop at Wal-Mart for strawberries and an ugly pumpkin and to put in a donation request, come home to make strawberry chocolate pudding pies for the contest tonight, pack, print the bulletin, print directions for [house sitter] for the care of the dogs who are still chewing the couch which has now been taped with packing tape, accuse T2 of lying to me about taking her medicines, send her off to [planned destination] with your parents as a sobbing, hysterical mess, take T1 to [Team Captain’s] with her candy donation for the goody bags everyone is getting for tomorrow’s slaughter and fantastic season, meet the Falcon’s team mom across the county at [CES] with $5 for flowers for [coach whose dad is in hospital but recovering and the reason the party was postponed a week and now T1 can’t go] and the $24 worth of hamburgers we won’t be enjoying [while other people only have to bring two bags of chips] and pick up T1’s trophy (and hopefully still have allotted text messages until the 7th of November after the 30 texts from the Falcon team mom alone in one day–because she doesn’t realize some of us actually still do NOT and prefer not to have unlimited texting or smart phones!!!!), run back to T1 from [Team Captain’s], swing by the house to pick up the chilled pies, head to the church for game night, ugly pumpkin contest and pie contest–and hope I don’t forget a house key for [house sitter], make it home to finish packing if possible, sleep, get up at 7:30 and be at [Park] by 8:20 for a 9 AM slaughter and then get on the road.
Love you. Miss you.

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