Captain Phillips Controversy

October 14, 2013

Given my own opinion of how much Hollywood and the media distorts actual events, is it no wonder that the new movie starring Tom Hanks is very controversial in the merchant marine world? How many believe there actually was a Jack Dawson or Rose deWitt aboard the Titanic? Or what about the glorifying inaccuracies of Sebastian Junger’s Perfect Storm? And if you want some insider information about the Exxon Valdez, read The Captain’s A Woman–remember, this oil spill doesn’t even make the Top 10 according to Popular Mechanics.

This newest movie, based on true events, Captain Phillips, is all about one man’s story and according to members of the crew grossly inaccurate. The New York Post’s article Crew members: ‘Captain Phillips’ is one big lie by Maureen Callahan is pretty eye-opening.

I’m sure the film is entertaining. I’m sure it has a certain appeal, like why on earth are we watching a Titanic film–we know the ending already, or even the Perfect Storm. But I can’t help but wonder if the retelling isn’t so far from the truth that it should be tagged with “loosely based on actual events” or even just leave that whole thing out, change the names of the crew and officers and give the ship a different name and present it as total fiction.

Kind of makes me feel like I did after the Scarlet Letter remake starring Demi Moore. Oh there are a few other remakes that make me cringe they are so far from the original but I can’t recall any at the moment. (And no, I did not feel this way about Star Trek: Into Darkness because they clearly established it as an alternate time line in the first one and for me that means the possibilities are endless.)

I was hesitant to see this film just because it could be too close to home but now I don’t know if I want to see a film that is so disrespectful of the other crew members. It may also serve to further cloud the general public’s concept of the merchant marine and the pirate situation.

But truth is so much harder to swallow than fiction.

Thanks, Chief, for the article link.

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  1. Agree. I don’t know if hub would even see it as he has his own opinions of the whole event, crew, etc.

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