Making Strides

October 13, 2013

I ran my first 5K today. Yup–RAN. In the rain.

For my mother–a survivor.

For my aunt–a survivor.

For my daughters–for their tomorrows.

For me–to show myself that I could do it.

I did it! I made Strides against Breast Cancer. I got a team of 11 other walkers–including my mother and daughters–and a team of volunteers to cheer us on and clean up the park.

I ran. I was the only runner. I wasn’t wearing pink so I’d tell the route monitors that I should have never taken a bet from my trainer (he made a donation if I would run it) and they’d point me onward.

I did get lost once. The sign was obscured by the hill so I hadn’t gone far enough. I back tracked and get reoriented. I stopped the stopwatch for just a minute or so. Rerunning the same path probably made up for not realizing the walk had started so I walked the first 30 feet or so…

I was coming to the finish line and they thought I was just a runner so they were moving the sign out of the way. “No! Move it back over! I want that finish line!”


The goal wasn’t the time–it was just to finish. Next 5K I have to beat this time … but I’ll think about that on another day.

I finished. I ran.

I hate running. 😛

Thank you Team E.o.t.T. for walking the walk and for cheering us on! And thank God for every day I have with my mother and for every stride forward, whether walking or running.



  1. I hate running too, good job!

  2. […] years), started the course well before I did and she ran and was the first finisher. If you remember last year, I was the 1 and only runner. I started the race more officially this year–actually hitting […]

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