USMMA Closed

October 2, 2013

If you haven’t guessed, I happen to be on the East Coast. We live near several military installations and a stone’s throw from D.C. The majority of people we know are military or government types. I knew a few effected by Furlough Fridays but this government shut down–the number of parents that came in to scouts last night talking about “all the extra time they have on their hands” and the number of church members … its unreal.

I may be in a slump because the Chief shipped out Sunday but I am grateful he is a civilian. I am grateful for the job he has.

Marine Log has posted more information about the status of operations at USMMA. Closed. If this situation continues beyond the week, midshipmen will be sent home.

I was curious as to how the other federal academies fared so I checked out Annapolis’s website. They are in a partial shut down as of yesterday. Their civilian teachers cannot teach. The big worry is whether the Navy-Air Force football game will take place. Air Force faces the same conditions as Annapolis with 1,000 civilians on furlough. West Point, ditto. Coast Guard has nothing on its front page and even harder to find News page but I’m going to assume the same for them as well. So it looks like because of USMMA’s funding source (MARAD), Kings Point is the only one facing a total shut down.

I am assuming the state maritime schools are not in the same boat but I haven’t checked their websites.

World War II veterans on their Honor Flight broke through barriers to see the Monument to their honor and that of the Greatest Generation. Good for them!

I really don’t have the words … and I don’t want a political debate. I have my opinions about blame but when you point at someone four fingers point back at you. I can’t even say “we” voted them into office … when so many give up their right to vote. Ugh. It makes my head hurt.

See Also: Politico.com’s Government Shutdown hits military academies hard



  1. I think it’s shameful.

  2. […] year ago today… I was writing about the closing of USMMA. I was preparing for and ran in my first 5K at a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer […]

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