Holy Stingers, BatGirl!

August 21, 2013

So we (meaning myself, T1 & T2 and my MIL & FIL) went to Texas for 8 days. Yup, the Chief and his brother stayed home. Chief wanted to enjoy the luxury of his own bed and BIL does not have a good track record with Texas wildlife. I’ll post my thoughts on the merits of a separate vacation later.

Briefly about my BIL … on his last visit, for the eldest niece’s graduation, he was bit by a spider. He ended up in the hospital. He is recovered but said he wouldn’t visit Texas again except for our youngest niece’s graduation and then never again.

Needless to say, I was on the look out for Texas-sized spiders. I carefully placed my shoes at night. I was even aware that other things might enjoy my shoes–a reminder from my trip to Vegas one year. I told the girls to shake out their shoes in the morning.

So imagine the hysteria on Friday night when 4 girls, ages 20, 17, 13, and almost 11 come running out of the formal living room. All four barefoot. All four doing the most impressive heeby-jeeby dance, yelling for their shoes.

They had found a SCORPION in the cedar closet.

I’m not sure which was more comical, the heeby-jeeby dance or my FIL trying to swoop in to save the day.

Thankfully, my other BIL, whose home it is, took care of things but not before I could snag a picture even it is blurry.

Holy Stingers, BatGirl!

Holy Stingers, BatGirl!

Then he squashed it like the bug it was. We also had to have the required discussion of poisonous vs. venomous.

I will post about the BatGirl reference tomorrow.


One comment

  1. Hmm – so, my question would be, what mischief did Chief and BIL get into while y’all were gone??? 😀

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