Just a Little Update

June 22, 2013

Haven’t gone anywhere … just really busy. The Chief got to call several days during a port call. We’ve been e-mailing regularly. SAT-phone communication is going to be spotty and expensive at best so we’re making due. He did call T1 on her 13th birthday.
I don’t know how he feels but I think I’m in denial that we have a teenager now. I didn’t even go shopping for her birthday gifts until the night before. How sad is that? We spent her birthday working on location for her Silver Award. We then spent the afternoon at my in-laws … stuck there while T2 tossed her cookies.
I’ve had some good moments of personal growth and purpose. Nothing I can post about yet but thanks to the e-mail I have been able to share with the Chief.
I’ve also had some sad moments–a dear family friend who I have known for more than 30 years has been placed in hospice. The Chief knew I guess and insisted we visit him in the hospital before he left. He had that same feeling with both of his grandparents. I hate having to make that phone call… this time it will be so impersonal with just an e-mail.
Getting ready to start the really busy part of the summer–go, go, go! So I hope to have more to post soon!


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