My 5th Grade Reflections by Thing 2

June 6, 2013

I have been at [this school] since Kindergarten and it was awesome. Now I’m going off to middle school without any of the greatest teachers ever. Here are some good memories, life lessons and some wise advise for our rising 4th graders.

Ah, memories … so many good times. Here is one of mine. In 5th grade you can go to all district chorus if you are in chorus. Well, I was and I did. We had to sing our hearts out. The reason that is my favorite memory is I learned a lesson. The lesson was that no matter how much you practice alone you still have to practice as a small group and even more as the large group. Even memories have lessons in them.

Sometimes you have a life lesson and don’t even know it. For example, when I was going fast on my SOLs in 4th grade, I didn’t get the best score I could get. The lesson is when there is: a test or SOLs equals slowing down. Another life lesson is don’t let what older brother(s) and/or sister(s) do at home be what you do at school. My next one goes with bullying. Don’t let what other say and/or do put your flame out. In other words don’t let them put you down and/or bully you or any of your other friends.

Here is some of what I think is wise advice. Be you. Your self-spirit is what can get you friends. If they want you to change you probably shouldn’t be friends with them. Another piece of advice is have awesomely nice friends. I know when I was picked on this year I was really glad I had really nice friends. Last but not least don’t rush. Rushing cost me straight A’s and lowered my SOL scores. On all your school work take your time; on home work , too, but don’t take too much time.

Now I hope you know how to be a successful 5th grader. Some advice and some fun things you can do in 5th grade. I would like to thank my family and all of my wonderful teachers Ms. P and Mrs. R for preparing me for 6th grade.

In her words with minimal editing from me. 🙂 Seriously.



  1. T2- that was beautifully written. You have some great advice – not just for kids moving up to 5th grade, but for everyone. We all need to take time and slow down. 🙂 I’m sure you will do well next year as you move on to a new adventure.

  2. Lovely lessons shared! Good luck in 6th grade!

  3. Love that, love “self-spirit”. We all need to honor our own self spirits.

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