Maritime Day 2013

May 22, 2013
Copyright 2013 SnipeWife except USMM emblem

Copyright 2013 SnipeWife except USMM emblem

This is our Memorial Day… to honor those that serve and have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country as civilian seafarers. That little word “civilian” keeps most from considering this brave group on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. I used to want (still do really) take the girls out of school and head into the city for the Maritime Day celebrations. The one time I did (to take the girls to a semi-private tour of the NS Savannah and wreath-laying ceremony) it was actually considered an unexcused absence. (Don’t get me started–our school system also considered taking the girls out of school to attend Legislative Day at our state capitol an unexcused absence.)

Today T-1 actually has an SOL so there will be no skipping of school. I have to wonder if she realized what day it is when she dressed this morning. She chose to wear a company shirt that commemorates the original fleet of ships the Chief sailed on. This is going to be her toughest SOL today so hopefully she gets a little boost by wearing the shirt her father gave her.

T-2 swears she couldn’t find her copy of the shirt… it is a good possibility both have ended up in T-1’s drawers… it’s also a good possibility T-2 wouldn’t see a snake in front of her.

So without further-ado …

MARAD posted its articles about this year’s Maritime Day celebrations on the 10th. Maritime Day 2013

They also included a great list of local events if you aren’t in the Washington, DC area.

Therefore be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That May 22 of each year shall hereafter be designated and known as National Maritime Day, and the President is authorized and requested annually to issue a proclamation…

The Presidential proclamation from the White House was a little hard to find (BING! You failed me!). But I found it. You can read it here.  My apologies. I think I did the same thing las tyear. Yesterday the President also declared this week Safe Boating Week.

Fly your flags proud today! Acta Non Verba!



  1. I wish this day got the attention it deserves. When we had our nonprofit, we organized week long activities, a job fair, a swing dance, and did our best to honor all things Merchant Marine.

  2. I didn’t realize Maritime had it’s own day to celebrate. Happy Belated !!
    Your frustration with the public school system is one I can relate to. Their priorities are astonishing sometimes. I was a rebel parent more times than I might want to admit -but without regrets! 😉

  3. […] Maritime Day […]

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