Captain Phillips: Will You Go See It?

May 13, 2013

The Chief and I were talking about how people will talk loudly about inaccuracies during movies the other night. He informed me that he would not be able to go watch the movie Captain Phillips, based on the hijacking of the Maersk Alabama, because he’d spend the whole movie talking about the inaccuracies. He said it would get annoying.

I reminded him that I didn’t go see The Perfect Storm with him. I was the one pointing out the inaccuracies in that movie to my sister because I had read Sebastian Junger’s book. As the Chief even says, “That movie is not what he wrote. He didn’t glorify idiots.”

I am torn about wanting to see it. Heck, the trailer makes me tear up. But I want to see how they handle some things. I know there is controversy about the book Captain Phillips wrote. I guess this is going to be from his P.O.V. The line in the trailer, “Remember, you know this ship. They don’t.” intrigues me because I know the Chief Engineer took control of the ship from the engine room. Will I be able to watch without turning into a sobbing blubbering mess?

If you go to the You Tube page and just skim the comments, even in the first few you get a sense of how controversial this film and topic are. Why are there pirates to begin with? Most do not know about the political situations, actions, consequences, that all combined to create this problem. Most Americans didn’t realize piracy was alive and well until the Maersk Alabama and the hijacking of the American couple. What will this film add to the dialogue? Some of the comments were ludicrous, defending the pirates.

What will movie goers take away from this? The captain in The Perfect Storm was no tragic hero yet George Clooney made him swoon-worthy. Movie goers missed that is was man’s pride and arrogance and an overly modified fishing vessel that caused a tragedy in the face of nature’s perfect storm.

So, will you go see it?

Interesting. WP is not allowing me to add a poll. So send me a comment. Will you see it? Yes. No. Not my kind of movie. (Another interesting fact is that this line was somehow erased from my first posting.)



  1. Hi, just getting back to my comments after being busy being a mom again for a week. Hubs said he would not want to see the film. I made him audition for one of the roles and they liked him so much they had him do a screen test but he didn’t get the part, but he did it only cos I bugged him!

    • How cool that he auditioned. I posted about the casting call but the Chief wasn’t interested. I’m not sure if the Chief will see it or not, he just said I didn’t want to see it with him. If I end up a blubbering mess he probably doesn’t want to see it with me!

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