E.o.t.T. Pressing On

February 9, 2013

It has been an interesting week at the gym. I might have gone for 130 lb. press this week but it didn’t happen. Why? That’s a good question.

Last Friday (the 1st) I pressed 120 fairly easily. 5 sets of 2, working on holding my breath and pushing through. I bailed on the timed run after that because the wind made me feel as if I was running naked. I’m not sure how long it took for to feel my thighs again.

Monday (the 4th) I substituted so I went to the gym on Tuesday. We were going for 125 lbs. We were also making a change–it would be an actual press and not my usual Swiss or multi-grip bar work out. **I had the wrong kind of bar listed in my original posting. Sorry for the confusion.**

We were going for 4 sets of 2.

I lost confidence. Not sure if it confidence in myself and then ultimately not having confidence the trainer was going to grab the bar should I crumble… I don’t know.

I have a neck vertebrae that will get subluxated (moved out of place) that causes pain in my collar bone–I had actually thought is was my first rib out of place, but after examining me the chiropractor feels it is a neck misalignment. I was feeling that on Tuesday. It figures as I’m due for a visit to the chiropractor. Was this going to cause pain or weaken my left arm? Would I be able to still press if one are wasn’t at it’s best?

Should I compensate by driving through my healing and engaging my back? I was feeling my lower back tense up in ways it hadn’t previously. With lower back issues, what would I do if those muscles seized? I couldn’t afford to have my back go out.

Would my trainer catch the bar?

It was not my best day. The 4th set was abysmal. A clear indication I needed to work on 125 lbs and proper technique before even thinking of moving on. My runs were sad but thankfully not pathetic (and thankfully not timed).

Wednesday was my circuit and while I didn’t kill the times I at least ran through each set maintaining the same time of 1 minute 30 seconds. Runs were okay.

Yesterday the trainer said we’d go for 125 lbs but just three sets of two. I hadn’t been to the chiropractor so I was still favoring my left arm. My back did a little better–tried a different position. I also tried not to slow the bar down and do what is called “a light touch”–you need to stay in motion to use the momentum to keep pushing. My sets weren’t bad but I still don’t feel confident. Not in myself. My trainer did a good job of making sure I was confident in his presence–he was there to catch the bar should I crumble.

My timed runs were interesting–first 6 laps were right on target with previous times. I lost about 20 seconds on the second set of 6. Not my worst time, but not my best either.

It feels bad to doubt myself. I’m not sure where it is coming from.

Next week he has declared that if I can keep to M-W-F then we will bench all three days and practice 125 lb. till I get my confidence back. Hopefully a massage and an adjustment will do what they should and my left arm, neck, and low back will be ready for the challenge.

Or is something else draining my confidence?



  1. I think that’s a lot of weight, no matter what! I think instead of asking yourself what’s draining your confidence, you could examine what’s “weighing YOU down”? Just a thought. I work out pretty much daily and used to teach aerobics, ballet, and I really only use free weights so I don’t know what my bench is. I’m afraid of getting too bulked up. Let’s see a pic of your bi/triceps?

    • I have definitely been asking if anything was “weighing me down” and it could just have been I was so unfocused and substituting 5th graders was draining and stressful. When I told the Chief I was doing lat pull downs he was like “Don’t get a big back–that won’t be attractive!” I think that was because I kept asking if my arms looked too big in my “little black dress”. He always answers me honestly the first three times and then all bets are off if I keep asking! 🙂 I will have him take pictures of my “guns” when he gets home!

      • I ask mine the same question!!! Too funny. I wouldn’t believe him either cos my son once commented on my arms, geez mom what’s up the gigantic arms? nice way to give me a complex. so mostly i cover them! 5ft tall me looks a bit out of proportion. can’t wait to see your guns!

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