First Attempt at a Poll … I need your answers!

January 31, 2013


  1. I have a hard time answering your poll. Is this an “in depth” photo album or just close family? I do think everyone likes to see all the photos so I’ll say that!

    • It is my mother’s photo album–1984-1987. I’m just not sure if I need to scan the baby pictures of second cousins–or even my first cousins–and include them. I’m scanning them to save them from the chemicals and will make a digital album. I will eventually get to all her albums. She identifies everyone so it is great history.

  2. How distant? Like you never saw them but once in your life distant? Or you see them once a year at family reunions distant?

    • I used to see my cousins once a year–back in the days of this album. I do not see them now. Only a few do I keep up with on FB if that. There are actually reunion pictures in this album, all dutifully labeled by my mother … but they are all adults so I didn’t hesitate to scan those because they seemed relevant. No more reunions on any side of the family.

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