Thursday Funny

January 24, 2013

It has snowed here. Quite frankly I didn’t believe it would after last week’s — and I really wish I knew who to give credit for this — “Nomagedon”. I was even a little bit upset (and T1 was a LOT bit upset) that the All County Orchestra event was postponed until February. Imagine my surprise when the radio alarm goes off at the appointed time and I hear school has been canceled. Neither daughter knew this. Neither had checked outside (nor let the greyhounds out) to look for snow.

T2, overjoyed there wasn’t school, tried to convince me to get out from under my warm covers. “See, Mom? I told you that you shouldn’t have put away your snowmen (decorations)!”

Her logic is that they needed to remain out and displayed to go along with the snow.

My logic? I jinxed myself. Next year, the snowmen will stay out until APRIL!!

*And while I am upset about the postponement I can sympathize with the burden of having to make such a decision. I’m just not holding my breath because I have a feeling even the make-up date will get snowed out.


One comment

  1. Yes… it was the putting away of the snowmen that caused the snow. Learn from your mistakes! 😉

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