Thursday Thinkings…

January 10, 2013

and taking stock.

I became un-anonymous to a few more people this week. That always takes a little extra bravery.

I had the opportunity, not once but twice, today to help friends who have helped me. One was really interesting–her daughter was babysitting my children and taking them to their music lessons while I was at the doctor but earlier in the day she needed a time sensitive errand run. I was only too glad to help. And right now tonight I have an extra child for a few hours.

To have friends you need to be a friend. I said this on Tuesday after my friend out-stubborned me and came down. I said I needed more chances to do this. I felt it was an honor to be able to help. Sure my Christmas decorations are not put away (but that’s really a FB game’s fault) but it is always good to have a positive attitude when called to serve.

Oh, and flu shots hurt and I have a feeling I may have gotten it too little too late. I hope not!


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