Mondays, I Loathe You

January 7, 2013

After a sleepless night:

1. I accepted a half-day subbing assignment not realizing I had an appointment that I needed more than 24 notice to reschedule. And canceling the sub job will go on my record and looks so unprofessional. I hadn’t updated my do-not-call days list. It took over two hours to get ahold of someone to cancel the assignment and get it back out there.

2. You do not want to know what my weigh-in was this morning.

3. Well, I’m not sure I need any other reasons to loathe Mondays.

Is it 2014 yet?

Update: took two hours to get a hold of someone to cancel the job. 50 minutes later they are still looking for someone to replace me. Great. Just great! Now I get to add guilt on top of every other bad feeling I already have.

Update: 3:34 PM T2 came home and said they were not able to find a sub and so one of the resource teachers was pulled from her position to fill the job. Great. Just great.



  1. I used to sub too, because I didn’t want to teach full time, and I don’t know about you, but I hated it. Don’t feel guiltily! Things happen and you did the best you could.

  2. I am sorry it was such a lousy Monday for you. Is today any better? Remember, this too shall pass. Don’t you just hate who try to console with trite little sayings? but I really am hoping it gets better!

    • I had a visit from a dear friend last night, some yummy frozen yogurt for dinner, and yes, even with a headache this morning, today is better. Thanks!

  3. Yep … sounds like a Monday. Just move on and forget it. At least Mondays only come once a week.

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