Its All Good

December 22, 2012

I took a stroll down memory lane through my blog posts for Dec. 2010 and 2011. One year the Chief was gone (3rd year in a row!) and last year he was home. I tend to be ambivalent about Christmas. I think there are many more people out there who feel the same way. I’ve had good memories and bad ones surrounding Christmas. I truly love tradition and am adamant about securing those traditions for my girls. In an unsure world, traditions mean stability. If my mother did one thing it was to create stability through tradition and I am grateful to her for all the little things that added up to the comfort I felt.

Yet in my adult life the actions of others have made Christmas so hit or miss. When I don’t have the Chief by my side helping me to weather the storm, it can be hard. I soldier on for the girls but I can be left with feeling “Oh just hurry up and get it over with!”

This year was weird having the Chief home for Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season. He likes a slower pace and we did many things as a family. There was a part of me that felt “Okay, he’s gone. I’m done celebrating.” I think even the girls reacted a little to him leaving as well–subconsciously acting out by picking on each other and fighting more than usual.

I have kept up with the traditions–cards & letter, candlelight tours, Black Friday shopping, advent calendar and decorating, parties with the scouts, parties with the friends who mean the world to me. I even went to the mother-daughter brunch even though my mother couldn’t make it with her treatment schedule because at least she’s here to miss it.

I’ve tried new things. I’ve made three brand new recipes that were a hit: apple crumble, cheesy brocoli, and lime & craisin shortbread. I introduced my friends to my mother’s eggnog–and that too went over well.

I made ornaments this year.

There is a part of me that wishes I had the discipline to stick to even more traditions–like reading one of the dozens of Christmas books each night and watching a Christmas movie each weekend. I find myself thinking that when I have grandchildren I will record myself reading those same books and giving them to my children to share with them. But I don’t have the discipline to read to them every night (and it’s not just Christmas books–I really need to be reading the Bible and devotionals with them!). After the first few nights we even forget to do the advent tree–thankfully the T2 has kept up!

But when I hear them talk about their Christmas memories, when they start screaming “SANTA!” as the county firetrucks are coming down the street, I know they have good memories and good traditions.

Christmas will be a mixed bag but it will be our Christmas. The Chief will call several times and the phone will get passed around. The girls will make their grandparents so happy that nothing else will matter. It will all be good.



  1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    • We did. Now to survive the school break. Hope you and the Captain had a good one too!

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