Candlelight Tour … of My Home Part 4

December 21, 2012

Host #5 The BasementIMG_8338sm

The full finished basement is where the family spends most of their time. It includes a guest bedroom/office, laundry, and a full bathroom as well as a large airy room for the TV and their two greyhounds. Normally decorated in a Southwest feel, kokopelis and geckos come down to be replaced by seasonal decor. For the Christmas season and into January the basement is home to the wife’s snowman collection. The half wall and ledge are perfect for displaying snowmen of all sizes. There is even a piece of coal painted with a snowman to give even a naughty child some joy.IMG_8339sm

The brick hearth once was home to a large wood burning stove. As the family rarely used it and were expecting to adopt two retired greyhounds they removed the stove to make room for the kennels and a custom-built work table. The table doubles as both a crafting workspace and for decorations while keeping their greyhounds comfortable. During the winter, two lighted trees sit on top and are covered in snowmen ornaments. A future project includes building a train track table top.IMG_8340sm

No surface is free of snowmen or decorations. The owner’s soldier statues are joined by nutcrackers and Christmas soldiers. Storage cabinets are covered by a festive table-cloth to showcase snowmen tea pots and serving sets. The custom-built entertainment center is adorned with even more snowmen (and if you were to look closer the childish scribblings and signatures of the family’s children). The guest bathroom, recently repainted and featuring new fixtures, is also decorated in snowmen. IMG_8341sm

IMG_8342smIMG_8343smIf you peek into the office, be careful! You’re stepping in underneath a mistletoe fairy. The wife’s fairy ornament collection is displayed year round. She purposely put mistletoe fairies in each doorway to remind everyone to “give a quick smooch coming and going.”IMG_8345sm

We hope you enjoyed this tour of the Chief’s home. The master bedroom is decorated with childhood and handmade stockings while the sun room addition has a growing reindeer collection.


"Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil" You can never have too many snowmen!

“Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil” You can never have too many snowmen!

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  1. I enjoyed the tour very much. I esp loved the little ledges filled with special keepsakes. I didn’t see any seashells, tho!

    • Seashells are all in the sun room. I have seahorses, turtles, lighthouses, shells, and a turtle shell in there. I just didn’t include it in the tour as most won’t go through bedrooms. 🙂

  2. I’m enjoyed your house tour. I keep meaning to do one of my own but not quite getting to it. We have the exact same bathroom cabinet!!!!!

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