Baby, Its … Wet, Rainy, Cold, and Blah…

December 20, 2012

Wow. My mood just took a nose dive. It is a lot of things. Little things that shouldn’t matter. Little things that get taken for granted.

Not the least of which is the Chief. I wish he were home. I wish I could take away the stress he’s under. I wish I knew what to say, what not to say. I definitely don’t want to add to his already stressful situation.

T2’s asthma is back. T2 is also 10 years old and acting like it.

T1 is enjoying the fact she knows what buttons to push and digging in.

I can’t watch the news. I’m sick of all the political postings. Isn’t the election over? Oh, yeah but we have new things to talk about to divide us. Fiscal cliffs and guns.

My house is a mess. I have to wrap presents (but thankfully only have one or so more to buy).

Trying to keep track of too many things … things I really can’t and shouldn’t say no to. I’ve gotten rid of most of the other things I can say no to–still a pretty big and important list left over.

I hope today gets better. I hope the Chief has a better day.



  1. I hope your days get better, too! I have asthma, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Just had my monthly breathing test at the docs, and I’m doing good.

  2. Toady was a much better day. We even had our first snowfall! T2 seems to be recovering and the asthma is resolving.

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