Candlelight Tour … of My House Part 3

December 16, 2012

Host #4 The Living Room (or what would be said in the future after more updates–built-in bookcases and crown molding are in process)

Welcome to the formal living room. In this room you will find all things nautical and the owner’s love of books. The coffee table was made by the owner’s great-grandfather. The owner himself made the built-in bookcases that house the wife’s extensive book collection and family scrapbooks. He also stained the rocking chair that was used in their nursery. The rope crown molding and the canvas Roman blinds were inspired by an episode of Trading Spaces and fit with the nautical feel of the room.

The two corner cabinets are Mennonite made lighted display cabinets with glass shelves. One houses the wife’s dolls and Barbies while the other showcases baby shoes and hand-painted gold-leafed ceramics that were gifted to her by her grandmother-in-law. She uses the tops of the cabinets for Christmas bears.IMG_8305sm

Over the sofa you will find a limited edition commemorative print of the United States Merchant Marine Academy depicting the campus at the time of its founding in 1943. On the opposite wall are two limited edition signed prints by Maryland artist John Kaljee. The first is titled U.S.S. Constitution and the second is called Sailing into Dolphin’s Way. Above the mantle is a rare company poster and other pictures of the ships the owner sails on are around the room.

The large prelit tree sits in front of the windows for the neighbors to see. The ornaments include hand-made ones from their childhood as well as ones the children have made. In addition to a “Our First Christmas Together” ornament, the wife will get a “Our Christmas Together” ornament for each year her husband is home to celebrate with them. One of the favorite ornaments is an olive wood nativity made in Israel and purchased on a trip to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland.IMG_8307sm

Sitting in a place of honor is the wife’s childhood nativity. It was made in Germany and purchased by the wife’s family while stationed there. The youngest child was always responsible for setting it up and so it has been passed on to her.



  1. Thanks for continuing to share your Christmas decor!

  2. Oh, I’d love to see a pic of the coffee table grgrandfather made and the nautical prints! I’m not getting a complete tour. I want my money back…:)

    • HAHA! You know on the real tours they ask us not to take pictures and I thought that was odd because I wanted to have a picture of a decorating idea or some piece of furniture I wanted the Chief to build–until this year when one of the hosts said “for security reasons”. Yeah, I guess you don’t want anyone casing the joint like in Home Alone. And here I am admitting the Chief isn’t home and posting pictures of valuables. Ooops.

      • I know, I do the same thing, hello, i live in socal and I’m all alone! gotta be more careful!

  3. […] Candlelight Tour … of My House Part 3 (snipewife.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] Candlelight Tour … of My House Part 3 (snipewife.wordpress.com) […]

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