My Heart Breaks

December 14, 2012

I was at a brunch with dear friends and their mothers. Mine could not be there because of her treatment schedule–but its okay because she is still with us and is getting better every day.

My ring-tone for the Chief is a maniacal “Hahaha I am your master! Hahaha!” (long story not appropriate for this post) and with my girlfriends sitting there I almost answered, “Yes, your Majesty” but something stopped me. My friends didn’t notice the ring tone. I answered quietly, “Yes, sir? What’s up?”

“When you see the news, they’re okay. Their school is across town. Everyone’s just on lock-down. Reach out to her [the wife]. She’s probably a mess.”

I was trying to process it. The last time he called me with, “If you see the news, I’m okay” call regarding the lock-down of his ship due to suspicious activity in the water near the dock … it never made the news. It wasn’t a big deal. What is it he said? A shooting? Children dead?

But not our friends. Not another company man’s family. Relief. But it is the family of 27 other precious lives. Lives ended too soon.

How that Chief must have felt getting the news of such a tragedy just miles down the road from his family… to be so far away. How that wife must be feeling, wanting her Chief home safe with her this afternoon, to shelter her, to hold her, to protect her and her children.

I did my company duty and got in touch with her this afternoon. “So sad. I’ve been crying all day,” came her text message reply. “I’m just a phone call away if you want to talk…”

My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to the community of Newtown, CT.

A few thoughts posted on FB from those in the maritime community:

United States Merchant Marine Academy
Evil knows no bounds, WOW, we just don’t know what to say. What could cause someone to do something to people so young. The holes in the lives of these families will never be filled with the sounds of these joyful children again. Our hearts go out to them.
Our thoughts are with all those affected by today’s shooting in Newtown, CT.
Enchanted Seashells No Words
Praying for everyone in Newtown, Connecticut right now




  1. You know, it happened right near our house a couple years ago, we live near that elem school in Carlsbad, and it is beyond a tragedy. There really are no words.
    PS You call your hubby “sir’?

    • Yes, beyond a tragedy. We lived in the DC metro area for 9/11 and the D.C. Sniper the following year but this is something different. Something so horribly different.
      I don’t normally call him “sir” and I do usually answer Your Majesty but something just told me this wasn’t a social call and that it was important.

  2. Stunned disbelief and heartbreak are the only ways to respond to this event.

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