I Dare You Not to Laugh!

December 9, 2012

WARNING: If you are in a bad mood, had a bad day, in a general funk and wish to stay this way, DO NOT proceed.

In the course of downloading the Chief’s camera to get it ready to go back to sea with him we discovered this series of photos. They were either taken by him or by T2 most likely (based on later photos of her toes and an odd ceiling shot).

I truly double dog dare you not to laugh when you see these pictures. Do not attempt to look at them if you have just taken a drink or you, your clothes, your keyboard, and your monitor will be covered with spray.

I am so confident these photos will go viral that I even experimented with putting a watermark on them. So if you borrow these, please link back to me! Thanks!


One comment

  1. Oh that is funny!!! She does look drugged!!

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