Snowmen and Greyhound Condos

December 1, 2012

So inspired by Jenners to be crafty and make gifts for my friends I went on a search for white ornaments. Do you know how hard it was to find reasonably priced plain white ornaments? It is difficult if you only look at two stores. So I settled for clear and decided to stuff them with cotton balls. Thanks Jenners!I

And here are pictures of the “condos” the Chief built for Heddie and Crook, our greyhound sisters. Previously this spot of raised brick was for a wood stove. But we never used it and another family needed an alternative heat source so we sold it in anticipation of getting two greyhounds. However, I used the stove to put up many decorations and the open space beside it was for a Christmas tree or a table for my Cricut when the girls came over to scrapbook. It is nice to have the dogs in their own space, not taking up any floor space but I missed the flat surfaces. I dreamed this up while the Chief was at sea and he executed it when he got home. It is massive! It is designed to look like the cargo furniture in the rest of the room. First we had to get a second crate to be the same size and I had to be able to pull each crate out so that I could take them with me if I was traveling with the dogs. He’s a design genius.I

While it wasn’t ready for my Halloween decorations, it is ready to go for the Christmas decorations. Remember I collect collections? Well, snowmen are my collection of choice for the basement during December and January. I had to figure out what to do about the snowman Christmas tree. It was 6 foot. At first I bought two 3-footers but didn’t realize how small they were. On Friday after a lunch date the Chief and I settled on this nice 4.5 footer to go with one of the smaller ones. If I get more snowmen ornaments I will have the second 3 footer to put up at a later date.I



  1. those snowmen are so cute! what a great idea

  2. Your ornaments are adorable! Where did you find the clean ornaments?

    • Thanks! I found them at Michael’s with other ceramics and things to paint/personalize. They had multiple sizes and heart shaped ones too.

  3. Thanks for the link back to my blog post!

    • You’re welcome! Love your snowmen idea too!

  4. Oh your snowmen are adorable!! And so creative to make them white with the cotton balls. They look even more like snowmen now! Love them!!

    And the dog condos are so well done. Perfect use of the space … and I love how you decorated it!

    • Thanks! I wasn’t counting on the opening being so small but I got four into each one and I figure they’ll fluff out in time. I saw an idea where they used small white pellets, one cotton ball or fake marshmellow and threw in a carrot, black “coal”, a hat … and it was a melted snowman!

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