2012 Thankfulness Week 4

November 30, 2012

Nov. 23 I am thankful for God’s faithfulness. These daily posts are challenging me to dig and think a little deeper–even though some seem a little trivial they are reminding me to be humble. And I know God doesn’t want the gratitude to end just because it is Dec. 1st. I know I am faithless when I let the stress and the silliness weigh me down—how easily I forget that He is still standing there, if not carrying me. I am also grateful for all the other posts friends have been sharing. 🙂

Nov. 24 Today I am thankful for photographs that capture memories and the many photographers who have given me so many works of art to hang on my walls. I hope these are memories for the children too. And getting time to spend with JQ who also found us this forever home 9 1/2 years ago and be able to tell her thank you again as we list all the things still “so right” about it and raising our girls here.

Nov. 25 I am thankful for good books. From Harold and the Purple Crayon to The Tempest. From Where the Wild things Are to Deathly Hallows. From a Wrinkle in Time to the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I love it when my children finally realize the worth of a classic … or when they show me what they think is a good book—and they’re right.

Nov. 26 (late again) I am thankful for doctors that listen, even if I don’t express concerns well. I’m thankful for the doctors who have helped me find solutions and continue to work with me.

Nov. 27 I am thankful for milestones that remind us how far we’ve come and help us to reflect on those in our lives that have shared those milestones. Those milestones also help us to remember the source of all our blessings (Thanks to my minister!) Those milestones also remind us of where we want to be.

Nov. 28 Today I am thankful for shared meals. Trying new and delicious food, great conversation, and extra hands to clean up. I will admit, they are a bit more enjoyable now that the children are older and they actually want to sit at the “kiddie table” (um, I mean with the teens). But there really is nothing like a good old fashion potluck. 🙂

Nov. 29 I am thankful that I have the chance to have lunch dates with the Chief—we went downtown to get a few gifts for the children and stopped by the deli. Nothing fancy, just quiet time together. For all the sacrifices there are perks. It is hard to believe we’ve been doing this almost 17 years.

Nov. 30 To borrow from the friend who beat me to Thankfulness posting this year: thank you to all who participated. Your shares were so uplifting. And thanks to those who Liked or commented on mine–you participated in your own way. I hope to keep this up … in attitude anyway. God has so richly blessed us, each day is a gift, the people in my life are a gift. Now to all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And thank you to all my readers and supporters. It has been great getting back into blogging on a regular basis, celebrating the blessings of life, and moving forward.


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