Writing Workshop: This Ain’t Starbucks

November 29, 2012

1.) Friends are on their way to your house for a coffee date…what kind of afternoon can they expect with you?

Bring your own coffee.


I don’t drink coffee. My friends know this. Also, most likely anything I serve will be store-bought if I waited until the last minute or the Chief isn’t home. If the Chief is home and I’ve asked him to whip something up, it will be good. He often refers to this as “Extreme Entertaining” because I will often only give him a couple of hours notice.

The Friday before Thanksgiving I had a few people over for brunch. I set out the instant coffee and the coffee maker but I had no takers. They either brought their own or they enjoyed the apple cider I also set out. And if the Chief hadn’t busied himself making little appetizers of chicken and apple sausages, we wouldn’t have had a protein at this little brunch. LOL It was all desserts! Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I’ve never liked coffee. When I worked at McD’s I did the morning shift. I made the coffee in the industrial machines but I always hated the smell. I have since been given a recipe for an iced coffee punch concoction that I will drink. Thankfully it is made with decaf so I can enjoy it in large quantities. But otherwise, nope, no coffee for me. I prefer hot chocolate or tea, iced or hot.

My friends also know to expect me to be still cleaning. On this particular day I was still in my gym clothes, still cleaning. But you can read that rant about cleaning my daughters’ bathroom … and no, the Mom Guilt is not working and we have moved to threatening she can’t go on a mission trip (I am actually threatening to not let her go serve others? This is so wrong!). But hey, my friends were all 45 minutes late so it’s all good. And I guess I didn’t have too much gym funk on me–or at least they were all polite enough not to say anything.

The Chief and I actually got two or three coffee makers as wedding gifts. I’d have to say we managed to regift all of them within 7 years. It was our first Christmas in this house and we were still hosting the annual shin-dig but by the time we were working on the desserts it was discovered we no longer had a coffee maker! Gasp! So my sister’s best friend, either a few days later for our anniversary or the following Christmas, gave us a really nice coffee maker with express instructions “Do Not Regift!” It sits dutifully under the counter, waiting for the coffee drinkers to use whenever we need it. My dad and my FIL will be in charge of making coffee when we have big gatherings. I guess I better remember to add creamers and fixens for my New Year’s shin-dig. It’s been a while since I’ve hosted a large gathering so I’m a little rusty.

But at least I still have the coffee maker.

The Prompts:

1.) Friends are on their way to your house for a coffee date…what kind of afternoon can they expect with you? 2.) Ask your child to draw a portrait of you and share it with us. (Inspired by Scary Mommy) 3.) Write a post, poem, or story that somehow incorporates the word: Sparkle 4.) Tell us about the last thing you Google searched…what did you learn? 5.) List your top 7 favorite Apps!

For more information about Mama Kat’s World Famous Writing Workshop, click on that red square and trophy over there….. ——>



  1. I never used to be into coffee either until I discovered frappuccinos from Starbucks… I realize they are just an excuse for adults to have milkshakes but they are so freaking tasty! hehe

  2. I love that your friends know to bring their own coffee to your house. Those are the real friends! So happy to discover your blog as I’m a sucker for “Sea Stories”. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! I will definitely make sure to post a few “sea stories” soon!

  3. We’re one of those coffee snobs, grind our own beans, use filtered water. I make sure the capt has lots of his own freshly ground to last him for at least a little while. Boat coffee is sometimes not the BEST but when he’s on watch he is really into Dong Suh tea he got in Korea.

    • I may have to tell the Chief’s story about the “expensive coffee machine” the captain wanted but it will end up being a deck vs. engine story. The Chief likes iced tea, the more bitter the better.

  4. I don’t do coffee either … that is my husband’s thing. But then I discovered those sugary sweet Starbucks candy coffees (the one with peppermint and chocolate shavings and whipped cream) and I’m coming around. Of course, my husband says that isn’t really coffee.

  5. Funny. I like coffee but am definitely not a snob about it. I have slowly gone from tons of sugar and milk to a respectable amount and it makes me feel more like a grown up. But I’m never set up to just offer someone coffee spontaneously. When I go to others’ homes and see they have sugar in a sugar bowl, cream in a creamer, proper cups and saucers I feel like I have a lot of growing up to do! Good prompt! Found you through MamaKat!

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