Milestone 3

November 27, 2012

I’m having a very busy blogging day. But I told you … 7 Days, 10 posts, Big Changes…

My all-time most popular posting (163) is a picture of the T/V Liberator. When the news broke that the Academy was losing the Kings Pointer there was a spike in searches for images of their training vessels.

Second to that is my About page (116). I guess people want to know “Who is SnipeWife?” Just keep reading. I’m an open (albeit censored) book.

On April 16, 2012 I had the most views of the blog with 142. I think it could have been just one person reading through every blog post but hey, I’ll take it.

With 94 views is my Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop piece “Our Life in Songs”. Quickly closing is my “Romantic Christmas Songs” with 92 views so far–45 views in the past 30 days with 20 in the last 7 alone! There are not too many unique lists out there so I’m glad mine comes up in Google searches.

And guess what? We’ve already surpassed Milestone 1 with 15 likes today so far. Wow!

1 more post to go!



  1. You go, gurrl! My MM is stuck in the arctic-great weather for being on a boat. NOT. Delayed 2 weeks already with winds and high seas. now that the kids are gone, it’s just me and my mac.

    • About two more weeks till he ships out. He’s already grumbling about the winter weather forecasted. I think its going to be bad for me here too–with no help shoveling.

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