Milestone 2

November 27, 2012

Congratulations on getting 50 total follows on snipewife.

Your current tally is 55.

My very first follower came three months after I started. She is an old friend from middle school who was blogging her own personal experiences. Her children are slightly older than mine so I looked to her blog for the valuable words of wisdom I found there. She has since moved on from that particular blog (it served its purpose) to a blog that has launched her photography career. I invite you to check out the very talented Terry Beigie and her photography blog. (Dinner’s on me in March!)

My 5oth follower is a blogger and fitness expert Hayley Hobson who was probably attracted to my blog because of my E.o.t.T. (Eye of the Tiger) training posts. There have been a handful who have stumbled upon me for those posts and I hope they have stuck around to read about the merchant marine stuff. But either way, thank you Hayley for taking me over 50 just 6 days ago.

Enchanted Seashells stumbled across my blog almost 3 months ago as she was starting her blogging journey. Like me she probably did a search for merchant marine blogs and found there really aren’t that many out there and even less by the spouses. She knows exactly what I’m talking about even if her MM is a captain (deck) and mine is a Chief (engine). She is well on her way to becoming my number 1 commenter, a close second behind Terry. I enjoy every note of encouragement from ES.

Rounding out the top 5 commentors are long time followers: Jenners, JenontheEdge, and Bridges Burning. Jenners reviews books; Jen on the Edge shares her love of all things British, running, monthly motivation, and irreverent wit; and Bridges Burning provides Canadian POV. I believe Jenners and Bridges stumbled upon when I was actively participating in Mama Kat’s World Famous Writing Workshop (just click on that trophy over there…). I really need to get back to that, as well as JenontheEdge’s “One Months”…

Project365Vets came to my blog through my posts about PTSD. It seems life got a little busy for the authors of the blog right about the time I was barely hanging on to blogging myself. I hope they resume the wonderful work they are doing honoring our veterans.

TheBetterManProjects is an inspiring blog by a young man who wanted to transform himself in a year and for the past 350 days has been sharing a post a day documenting that journey–not just physically but personally. He has recently turned the blog into a book which I assume will include all 365 posts. Again, I believe my E.o.t.T. posts led him to my blog. More young men need to be reading his blog and I wish him all the best with the book.

Virginia Plantation found me because I posted a picture taken at James Madison’s Montpelier. Virginia Plantation is a blog about the restoration of Madison’s birthplace and the journey being undertaken to turn the property into a working bed-and-breakfast. Believe me, when it opens, I am making the Chief take me there! That photo was part of my effort to take a picture a day (inspired by Terry Beigie’s blogging efforts) for 365 days. When my life ground to a crawl so did my picture-taking. Now the question will be do I pick up where I left off or start over in January until I have 365 pictures?

Lastly, Bird and Terry1954 came across my blog. The personal struggles of these two women touch me. Both share their stories with such brutal honesty. My heart goes out to both of them and I appreciate that they chose to follow me. Bird continues to receive well-deserved awards from the blogging community–the latest being a Blog of the Year 2012. I don’t know if Terry has gotten any but she should. The care she has shown as the caregiver of a relative in family health is a story I’ve needed to hear as I know my time is coming–and my own chronic illness(es) makes me worry for those that will be caring for me one day.

Sometimes I don’t know why someone followed my blog but I appreciate it. I hope I have posted a variety of things to keep you all coming back. Thank you.



  1. Congratulations!

  2. I appreciate the shout out! Yes, I was looking for a community of merchant marine wives to join-only found you! I can’t figure out why there aren’t more of us. I thought we could all make chapters in our area, get together, solve problems, share, etc. still looking!

    • Been there, found that. Hey, maybe you and are will be the start of a new trend! But probably only if I end my anonymity. LOL

      • Same here. Cap does not want to be revealed! His name is well known here on the west coast. MM is a small world! LOL

  3. Wow … you really know your readers!! How neat! I’ve been blogging for four years now (Wow … just realized my 4th years blogging anniversary passed and I totaly missed it) and I have almost no clue how people found me but there have been some who have read my blatherings this entire time. In turn, I’ve watched their kids grow up, their lives take shape … it is rewarding in a way I never expected. I’m glad this is happening for you too! (And yes … I think it was through Mama Kat that I originally found you.)

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