2012 Thankfulness Week 3

November 22, 2012

Nov. 15 I am thankful for the bright orange air hose snaking through the house and the smell of freshly cut wood. I can’t wait to post the pictures of the custom piece of furniture I asked the Chief to build to sit over top the dog kennels just to give me a place to display my holiday decorations or put out my scrapbooking tools when the ladies come over. The Chief is a very talented woodworker. I love being able to point out his creations (and all the custom “redecorating” the children have done … pens, stamps, jagged gouges…) And it goes to show how much we love our greys–they aren’t in the way, we just build them custom apartments!

Nov. 16 Today I am thankful for Roller Coaster days. Running the emotional and physical highs and lows may be draining but even on these kinds of days (especially if it ended low) it is important to remember life is a journey full of those highs and lows and that finding the good, finding something to be thankful for, is a good thing and helps us to know someone else is in control and has plans for us. It reminds us we are alive and each day is a gift, no matter what happens in it.

Nov. 17 (late) I am thankful for beautiful sunsets. I actually need to take more take to stop and notice them. God’s creation is so beautiful.

Nov. 18 I am thankful for this Lord’s Day and the opportunity to worship as a family, with family. To sing praises to Him and to share one another’s burdens.

Nov. 19 I am thankful for the people kind enough to let me know when I am wrong and give me the chance to make amends. It is truly an act of kindness to let someone improve oneself. I know no one likes confrontation and I’ll admit I’ve let a few people walk away when I feel they’re just not open to correction. But by not passing up the opportunity, kindness and honest communication benefits both people. Nothing saddens me more than finding out months later there was something I could have corrected. There is wisdom in the words “Never let the sun go down on your anger.” Thank you to a very special and kind woman who gave me the chance to grow this weekend.

Nov. 20 Today I am thankful my first attempt at subbing Middle School is only a half day and it is for the Spanish Teacher. For those that remember, no, I will not be able to wear the kind of clothes Seniora wore (but I am wearing my SuperGirl shirt to training before hand!)

Nov. 21 Today I am thankful for the women I work out with when our sessions overlap (or I’m just really late!). The conversation, the encouragement, the equal suffering as we try to find ways to cheat–make the time fly and the reps a little more bearable. And thanks to [my trainer & gym] I can enjoy that eggnog tomorrow morning without too much guilt!

Nov. 22 Today I am thankful the Chief is home with us for this Thanksgiving. It is actually a rare thing. In a way, having him home for the less hectic, less gift-filled extravaganza is peaceful and relaxing. It is what the holidays should be about. It will be nice to see family later and to continue to enjoy the traditions we have made with our children. (Eggnog and cinnamon rolls accomplished, now for parade watching!)



  1. Very very Happy Thanksgiving to you! I am so glad the Chief is home!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving from Belle Grove Plantation and Virginia!

  3. I think it is great to take a moment to find something to be thankful for each day. This ia good exercise and one we shouldn’t forget about after the holiday. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

    • I was actually thinking the same thing and may randomly do this when a holiday is not involved. Each year I feel so much better and in a better frame of mind after doing this but I’ll have to admit when life is wearing me down I forget to count my blessings. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

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