E.o.t.T. Pre Thanksgiving Wednesday Circuit

November 20, 2012

Benches: Be Strong, Copyright by SnipeWife 2012

I’m hovering at 171 lbs. This time last year I was about 166 lbs. Considering I gained only 12 pounds while on steroids is amazing. Sure I’d like to be back down but I feel more fit than I did a year ago as the PsA was settling in and my knees were so full of fluids. I’ve even had a personal best bench press of 130 lbs! Whoot! And we may shoot for 135 next month! Also, the jeans that I put away at the end of winter fit so much better this fall. I’ve even given away my last pair of “Guy Jeans” so I no longer look obscene (my friends are all relieved and don’t mind being with me in public).

So because I’m seeing the trainer for three days in a row he is taking it easy on me so that I can bench my best tomorrow. Today’s workout was entirely lower body cardio.

I ran for “long runs”–marked out on the parking lot. I will have to get the exact feet and post later.

I did Warm-Up #1 for the arms (have I posted this yet?)

For 5 sets, do the following with 2 1/2 minutes rest between sets:

15 body weight squats

15 seal jacks

12 jumping jacks

6 20 lb. medicine ball smash-downs (I’m getting so good at this that I can squat and catch the ball on its bounce!)

Push Prowler sled with 20 lbs. the length of the room (approx. 25 feet).

Rest. Repeat.


One comment

  1. Good job! Being healthy takes a lot of work but it’s worth it.

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