2012 Thankfulness Week 2

November 14, 2012

Nov. 8 As I posted last night, I had (another) fender-bender. I want to say I’m thankful for good breaks but it goes beyond that. Whether there were angels in the car or “Jesus took the wheel” I don’t know but He keeps saving me from myself. I just know it could have been so much worse. So I am thankful today, really thankful.

Nov. 9 Today I am thankful for my sister and her family. I hope she knows how much she means to the girls, how much she enriches their lives–Aunties are awesome. And she is much stronger than she thinks.

First, On this 237th birthday of the Marine Corps, I wish you all a very Happy Birthday!
Nov. 10 I am thankful for all the wonderful women (and men) I have met through scouting (GS, AHG, BS) as we work to enrich the lives of the scouts. I love the support each one of you has given me (to keep me from totally losing my mind) and I love working with you. I can’t believe I’m running a 7 hour workshop today but that somehow feels better than the thought of a 10 hour lock-in. Oh, and the bonus is I get to be the #1 troublemaker of the TMFC!

Nov. 11 I am thankful for my FIL. Not only is he a veteran, he continues to serve his country. He also saw the completion of a 20 year endeavor today, faithfully serving his congregation. I am glad we got to be there as a family. I am thankful for the son he raised to be so much like him.

Thank you to all the veterans, past and present, who give so selflessly for this country. And thank you to the families that serve alongside them. My hat is off to every one of you.

Nov. 12 Today I am thankful for my mother. Saw her yesterday for the first time since she started chemo and she looks good. I’m not sure what I expected. T1 definitely wasn’t prepared. But Mom is a fighter and I keep telling her she is stronger than she thinks she is. Every day is a gift and you just keep putting one foot in front of the other. The Great Physician is at work and holds her in His hands.

Nov. 13 I am thankful for all the babysitters over the years who have helped me out–for my sanity and when in such a bind. The girls have had some great role models in some pretty awesome young women. Izzy, Becky, Becky, Kristen, Kelly, Stephanie, Kerry, Rachael, Brook, Alyssa, Jenny, and Amanda. And to the parents of their girls’ friends … who help turn babysitting into play-dates and sleep-overs. I know the Chief shares the sentiment–it helps him to know I have so many willing hands to help me and the girls.

Ha! I thought I had already posted for today–must have been writing it in my head! Nov. 14 I am thankful for valet parking and taxis. Really this is about having the chance last night to have a grown-up evening with the Chief at a business function where I got to have conversations about his job and what he does … and while he may have hated wearing a suit, the amazing catered dinner and nice hotel and letting someone else do the driving made it worthwhile.

P.S. I will post tomorrow about the function and the outfit I wore.

And don’t forget–if you posted your list and want to link up here, put it in your comments!



  1. I’m grateful that you are OK!

    • I am too! The car is in the shop as we speak.

      • Hopefully you’ll make it through the holidays without any other unexpected things happening!

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