Ooops! I did it again!

November 8, 2012

Even though this title is trivial, it is by no means trivial.

I posted in the early part of this blog (wow! Two years ago!) about Random Fact # 12 that I have a bad habit of having a car accident on average every two years. That post was originally written in January 2009 and I updated it when I added it to this blog.

I have my current car because of an hit-and-run accident in November 2008. If the pattern held, I should have had an accident in late 2010.

So it was only a matter of time. Borrowed time.

But to be honest, the stuff I’ve been dealing with since November 2010 makes me wonder whether I could have handled another car accident on top of that.

And yet I am wondering “Why now? Why didn’t my luck hold out?”

Because I am unlucky. Good grief, if I didn’t have bad luck with cars I’m not sure I’d have any luck.

Ok, I take that back. Because once again I was spared the worst of my actions. A third vehicle could have been involved–either by sandwiching the vehicle in front of me or if on coming traffic had not seen (what I obviously hadn’t seen) and they had plowed right into me. And I’m not talking t-boning; I’m talking hitting the driver door head on.

To have had the Chief home for this–he was not home for almost all the other accidents (just the parking lot fiasco and the hit-and-run; oh and his own fender-bender taking off someone’s side-view mirror). He came right away. He stood by me when the cop came. He’s helping me with the e-mails from the insurance company.

I can only shake my head. I honestly want him to yell, at least once, so I can feel really low.

I’d nominate him for sainthood if we did the whole saint thing.



  1. Be careful! Sometimes it’s worse when they’re supportive and nice instead of acting/reacting by yelling or giving ultimatums or acting like Ricky Ricardo! We feel even more guilty, I know.

    • Thankfully he has such a pattern of keeping his cool that I know this is not a calm before the storm. I am harder on myself than he is. I really don’t know too many husbands who would be this mellow about it.

      • I’m starting to think it’s a merchant marine thing. They learn to stay calm in the midst of disaster because staying cool can mean the difference between a tragedy and getting out alive. I think it’s their training; fire drills, man overboard, collisions with other boats. I know my guy is the same way; he assesses the situation and does what’s necessary. I think your Chief is just so happy you are OK that nothing else is really important. Good husband!

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