2012 Thankfulness Week 1

November 7, 2012

Thankfulness 2012

A couple of friends beat me to the punch… Thankfulness November. Can’t wait to see the lists the girls come up with.

Nov. 1st I am thankful for God’s grace and the gifts He bestows even though I do not deserve them.

Nov. 2 I am thankful for the gift that the Chief is. My partner in everything, through scenic roadways and over speed bumps. I don’t know that I am much of a “helpmate” to him but he has helped me for almost 17 years. (I’m thinking this is a great attitude to have before we go to the Marriage Tune-Up this weekend. 🙂 )

Nov. 3 I am thankful for the Bright Light in my life. More and more every day I realize what a gift you are–you challenge me, you push me, you make me better and now I need to do the same for you. I see so much potential in you–the world is yours. Your fragile heart sees the unknown and wonders about your place in it and I see the unknown and know that because of who you are and the decisions you’ve made anything is possible. God Bless you, Bright Light.

Nov. 4 I am thankful for the Happy Girl. Your joy and silliness is such a gift. I am constantly amazed by the way your mind works–I hope you never lose such freedom and delight. I don’t think I’ll have to worry about you not landing on your feet but I do have to remind myself of your sensitive soul. And that reminds me to always “consider it all joy when you face trials of many kinds” as you have been my Joy since the day you were born.

Nov. 5 I am thankful for Crookshanks and Hedwig. It was Her Majesty’s Hounds that opened up the possibility of greyhounds in our lives.  CVGreys (no longer running) matched us up with Cassiopeia—the most mellow, independent, loving grey you could ever meet—who raced into our hearts and was lodged there firmly for almost 6 years. She was truly royalty, holding court every time I took her to school for “G” week. And Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue (GEGR) helped us fill the void with not one but TWO of the sweetest, nuttiest, loving, sisters ever! Crook and Heddie actually picked T1 & T2 and it was love at first sight. And even though they didn’t get the memo about the time change these past two mornings, I can’t imagine our family without them! (I have GOT to get family pics SOON!)

Nov. 6 Today I am thankful the opportunity to live in a country where power can change from one to another peacefully and that the citizen can have a hand in it. (Thanks Chief!)

Nov. 7 Thankful today that I woke up. Thankful today that I can still walk. Thankful today that I can get on my knees in prayer and have my burden lifted.

For last year’s list Week 1

If you wrote your list this week and blogged about it, please include the link in your comments. I don’t have a Linky Tools or anything like that but I’d like to share the love and thanks. We could all use a little uplifting support.


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