September 29, 2012

I have no idea what is up with WordPress today. I just want to check my notifications. I want to see who my new blog followers are and acknowledge numbers 48, 49, & 50! WooHoo! And WordPress won’t let me. I can’t even get my Reader to launch. Won’t let me add tags … this is not good.

Is it my computer?

The Chief has successfully gotten the internet connection back up on mine.

Ahh, the Chief is home. I put him to work sooner than I probably should have, but he’s not grumbling too much. I will make it up to him. I have internet; I got 4 new tires and a reinspection on my car; the mirror and light are down in the basement bathroom (talk about code violations! our painters never would have known or fixed the problem!) … running T1 to a soccer game so that T2 and I could got to a scout thing … and today is two soccer games.

But he wants to take me to an auction tonight. An auction of HALLOWEEN items! Now that’s love!

10:38 PM well, it may just be a security issue on my computer… no matter what I did I could not add tags, see my site stats, or my notifications. I am now on the girls’ computer and I can fix this… and I can’t wait to post about my auction experience!


One comment

  1. Glad your Chief is home!

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