Turn On

September 20, 2012

Okay, I have admitted in the past that I am a collector of collections. I am not a hoarder because I can and do purge. We have lived in this house for over 9 years now. We are slowly adding paint and refurbishing. I have finally convinced the Chief to do two things–let me hire someone to powerwash and paint the outside AND to paint the basement family room and bathroom.

Yes, yes, I know. I could paint it. We could paint it. But 1., I don’t like the prep work so if someone else would just put the blue tape up everywhere, I’d do it; and 2., life happens! It will take me three days to finish boxing up and moving all the furniture to the center of the room. What happens if I get called to sub a few days or the children get sick? Then it drags out.

And most important, I can think of other things to do with the Chief than paint while he’s supposed to be on vacation.

Okay, I have to admit some of those things include asking him to build me a bar-shelf thingy to go over the dog crates and give me both work surface and a place to display my holiday decorations … but at least he’ll have time to do it now that he is not painting or putting up blue tape.

So he’s having a bad week. I thought I’d cheer him up. “Can I make you happy and turn you on?” (Please get your mind out of the gutter–this is a PG site.) “Okay, sure.”

Deep breathe. Time to confess. “I am enjoying taking everything down and purging some of this stuff. And I actually like the bare walls and may not put half of it back!”

Gasp! I know! What on earth will I do if the Disney psuedo-thimbles (’cause they’re really not thimbles, just a misleading marketing ploy to thimble collectors!) do not go back on the shelf near the girls’ computer? What about those nickknacks bought on our honeymoon that have nothing to do with the southwest decor? (Seriously, a polar bear and a manatee so do not go well with Kokopelli.)

Needless to say, the Chief was happy. I sent him on to his next meeting with a smile on his face.

Thank you, Chief! I can’t wait to show you the finished, more streamlined basement when you get home!



  1. Ha Ha Ha! I really enjoyed reading this! Collecting and purging, both healthy activities!

    • Thanks! I think I’m just happy to have so much going on, the changes, and the Chief is in the home stretch so I’m trying to write a few funny things. 🙂

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