Today’s the day

September 17, 2012

… I take T2 to the Children’s outpatient clinic to find out why her blood work is all wonky. Yes, wonky.

I am not happy that they moved to the other side of the highway (if you know the Mixing Bowl you know why) but we will get there. Stopping and picking my mother up on the way. She’s going to be my co-pilot. Not really but the thought is funny.

The Chief called yesterday… for like two seconds. You know, he never says how hard things are on him, but I know. When I went up to bed there was a text on my phone with a gentle reminder to e-mail the ship directly (I guess they do regular satellite¬†downloads) if I “needed” anything. In other words, e-mail with the news.

I was trying to remember what the last time was like. I didn’t have to worry about not getting through to him. Again, I do not understand analog vs. digital, which one went away or why, or how it is possible to be surrounded by land on three sides and still get no signal.

I will have to remember to e-mail him tonight.



  1. I hope things are OK and I know only too well how frustrating it to not to have instant communication and the special procedures to be able to get to them “if it’s super important”.

    • I think I’m not freaking out too much about today because it is the first consult and I just expect more blood work. It will be the results and any further tests I’m going to want better contact to handle together. We should be less than 14 days out. Then I can exhale…

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