A for Effort

August 24, 2012

T1 has been trying out for the school soccer team. I got a text message from her this morning that she did not make the team.

I don’t want to be that soccer mom. But it is hard.

About 30 girls were trying out for 16 slots. Of those 30 about 20 were the small fast love-to-score girls; 10 were defenders. T1 is of the later. But for most of try-outs she was in the goal box.

I asked if the coach even saw her in a defensive position during the scrimmage … the answer: no.

And this is after she was given the encouragement (not sure by who) that because she played other positions she was being considered for back-up goalie.

I wanted her to make the team but make no mistake, I know my daughter is not a soccer star. Should we have pulled her from her losing team(s) and tried the area travel team to better develop her? Again, I never expected her to be the next Mia Hamm or Hope Solo. I did put her in soccer camps and conditioning clinics.

I wanted her to make the team because I wanted to prove to all the little fast scoring girls that left her losing teams they weren’t “all that” and that you need strong defenders on a team as well. I am not great example of good sportsmanship, I know.

This actually does make my life easier–I don’t have to juggle church, three soccer teams, Girl Scouts, and viola lessons. (When are we getting back to Soo Bak Doh??) Two soccer teams is enough.

And maybe this is good for T1. She tried. She did her best. It is a learning experience not to … oh who am I kidding? She had enough of learning that everyone can’t be a winner on those losing teams that everyone else felt no loyalty towards. She finally got on a winning team and 7 of them then jumped ship for the travel leagues so who knows what this season will be like. There is one girl in particular who I hope didn’t make the team because as T1 said, she’d stop running and would pass and when she did she couldn’t aim the pass.

Okay… not good sportsmanship again…

But yes, T1 needs to learn from this lesson just like she did in orchestra this spring when she stopped practicing and the third chair won her place in 1st. That was a humble lesson to learn–that even though you have an amazing amount of natural talent, if you don’t practice you can lose what you had earned.

Maybe it will help T1 to realize that things have more value if they don’t come easy.

And I can’t shield her from disappointment. That would be even worse than being that soccer parent.



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