A matter of blood…

August 23, 2012

Okay, so I was able to talk with the Chief this morning so I can spill on here. It has been a long 36 hours waiting to hear from him, but such is the life.

All three of us had blood work drawn on Monday. Fasting. Waiting over two hours. UGH!

I wanted to have my blood sugar and cholesterol checked–my rhuemy said my last blood sugar was high but I wasn’t fasting; however, my meds can mess with my blood sugar. I’ve been on provastatin since February to lower my LDLs but I haven’t had any tests done to see if it is working. I’m curious. So I got my GYN to send me for well-woman blood work. I waited at least two weeks to get over the virus that cause me to have a fever for 5 days and mild bronchitis. I’ve learned from experience never, NEVER have my blood sugar done when sick.

I briefly mentioned that T2 is having unusual bruising. I brought this up to our awesome pediatrician at their physicals. It is not “true” bruising–doesn’t last for days. I can only describe it as similar to my Labor Rash–the breaking of all the little capillaries in your skin so that you look purple and bruised. Except there is a cause–the extreme pushing. It can happen from hard crying or vomiting. And the purple can yellow a little bit, like a bruise, and fade relatively quickly. T2 had this purple bruising at camp from belly flopping. All up and down her arms and she was so proud of these bruises! They faded.

Then a couple of weeks later she had weird bruising after going to the gym. All she was doing were planks (a core exercise where you hold yourself up on your forearms and toes) on a textured surface. 24 hours later she still had the hexagon patterns in her skin, all purple and turning yellow. No trauma, just a pressure bruise? She was on a really strong antibiotic for a recurring ear-infection/double swimmer’s ear. It was day 9 of 10 but I called in to the doctor because the directions said to call for unusual bleeding or bruising. We were told to stop any ibuprofen (she took one dose 9 days earlier!).

Remember also she was not on this antibiotic at camp for the initial bruising from the belly flops.

After talk to the chief, before the physical, we were concerned about anemia or something else going on. Thankfully our pediatrician listens. And she tries to find ways to make sure tests can be justified to the insurance. “Does anyone in your family have high cholesterol?” Yup. Me. So she ordered lipid panels for both girls for “Familial hypercholesterolism” and addition tests for T2 for contusions.

Not even 24 hours later I got a call. T1 has the Chief’s genes and her cholesterol is fine. T2 is not so lucky and has my hereditary high cholesterol. T2 has high LDLs and low HDLs. But some of her other tests were off. She has high platelets, high absolute lymphocytes, and a high aPTT. Her iron is fine so it is not anemia. I was told to come in and pick up an order to have two tests repeated.

I had her blood redrawn this morning. Thankfully it wasn’t a two-hour wait. We talked about her high cholesterol and what it will me. We talked about how we have to get her HDLs up. Then I explained that they are worried a mistake was made with her other tests so they want to be sure. “And if there is a problem, we will deal with it.”

So what could it be? Needless to say, WebMD is not my friend right now. The big concern is the high aPTT. She basically has the blood of someone taking heparin, a blood thinner. My dear friend ordered me off WebMD and explained “It could be a virus–she did just get over the same thing you had. She is obviously making more platelets to compensate for the high aPTT.” It could be a liver problem (the antibiotics). It could be a blood disorder, a missing clotting factor. It could be a Vitamin K deficiency (time to start eating bananas!). It could be serious, it could not be.

I am hoping there will be just as fast a turn-around and we’ll know by this time tomorrow. As the Chief said, tests are not always a diagnosis so we’ll just go forward. I’ve got to put this in God’s hands. This is my baby–my baby that had a mystery illness at 18 months old, that tested positive for exposure to TB (and had to be treated with INH which does a number on the liver!), that had viral induced asthma, that now has my high cholesterol problem… This is my baby who just started 5th grade.

My doctor hasn’t signed off on my report so I still don’t know about me … I did emphasize to the nurse that I needed the results tomorrow for my child’s health history. And then I can completely freak out if my cholesterol meds aren’t working or if my PsA meds are going to make me diabetic sooner rather than later … but right now I just want to hold T2 and spare her this!


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