August 17

August 17, 2012

It is not as if I don’t have anything to say or that I don’t was to say it … it has just been a crazy roller coaster month. I was on such a high early that of course I crashed physically. I’ve been sick, so has T2. We’re on the mend. My tests, which I did post about, were negative. I’m relieved. I still have some blood work to do but as I’ve posted before I will never get blood drawn while I’m sick again! I tried to donate blood (just before getting sick) and they missed my huge veins for the first time ever. Ouch! I could not take my Enbrell injection while I had a fever so I went almost 13 days without a shot. It does not bode well for when I have to go 20 days without a shot for the upcoming dental implant surgery I’m having next week. I’m back at E.o.t.T. and for the first time this year I’m actually losing weight instead of gaining. Down 5.5 lbs. but I have 8 more to go to get back to what I weighed last October.

Lastly, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It has been caught very early and the prognosis is good. There is a strong chance it is genetic because her first cousin and her sister have survived breast cancer themselves. I have already gotten orders to schedule my baseline mammogram. I will carefully weigh my options if her pathology comes back with the genetic markers. I really don’t know if any of the medicines I’m on would accelerate or exacerbate this type of cancer. Blood cancers and lymphoma are the types you hear about in the warnings in the commercials.

School begins for T1 & T2 in just a few days. T1 had “business night” last night and we discovered a scheduling conflict for her elective language. Sadly she will not be able to take German until high school if she decides to change out of French. T2 is waiting to hear who her teacher is and we’re hoping she gets teachers her sister hasn’t had.

The Chief continues to sail along, riding some stressful waves. Probably 6 more weeks until he comes home. Can’t wait.

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  1. […] am scared but God has this. My dad is ready to fight. It seems so different from my mother’s breast cancer. Her’s was caught so early–praise God. There is a chance he’s had this for over 3 […]

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