It is another thing entirely…

August 1, 2012

I’m worried about T2’s health. I’m worried about mine. Strange symptoms. What do they mean? It is time for everyone’s annual physical, eye appointments, dentists, etc. I’m just going to ask for some tests for my peace of mind to show I’m just being paranoid.

It is a whole other thing entirely when the doctor orders the test you were going to request before you even get the chance to ask or discuss your symptoms.

Now this was also a doctor not familiar with me or my physiology and he assures me it is just precautionary.

I just didn’t even get to tell him why I would have asked for the test.

I have to put on a brave face for the next week. I have my quarterly check-up for the PsA next week. T2 and T1 both have their physical next week–I find T2’s unusual bruising disconcerting.

Only got to speak to the Chief for a minute when he called to respond to my frantic text “My doc is out on an emergency! Have to see a new one!” Sent him a text about the scheduled tests next week–he’ll get that when he comes out of the “hole” in about 8 hours.

Faithful readers know the struggle of what to share and when. I did hesitate but in the end I need his prayers and support.


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