First Reblog: Believe

July 7, 2012

Well I should just use this for my camp lesson! LOL Actually I’ll reblog this now and when I come back I’ll post my lesson and have a comparison. Thanks for the reflections, Robin!


In our readings of the NT in 90 Days we’re all the way into Day 21 and I have to confess here, I couldn’t seem to leave well enough alone, so I switched my reading to go directly from Mark to John so I could keep Luke and Acts in order of author … that means I just finished John and my Day 22 will be in Luke. It kinda messes up Lowell and I doing this exactly together but, we still discuss and all is good. I did give him fair warning of my intentions.

So, certain words shine for me – like “believe” and “glorify” and variations of those 2 words.  Believe is used over 120 times in Matthew, Mark and John and in all sorts of ways – commands to believe from Jesus, descriptions of people believing, and every so often, the absolute lack of belief which…

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