E.o.t.T.: Update and other things..

April 10, 2012

I promise I have Project 365 Week 14 planned, some Easter musings, and The Sunshine Award to get to… not to mention this week’s Bench Message.

But I haven’t shared an E.o.t.T. in a while and well a pinched nerve is as good an excuse as any.

My Trainer has embarked ona  new adventure. He got his own place. No longer attached to the back of a karate studio he has found a place in an industrial business park and doubled the size of his gym. He still promises no mirrors. Payment will change and may go up but I haven’t had a change in fees since I started with him in May 09.

So Monday was the first time in his new place. I left the children at home to clean and keep the dogs out of the crates for a few extra hours before the rest of our plans kept them kenneled for almost 10 hours.

My Trainer and the power company are having a bit of trouble but with the garage door rolled open there was plenty of natural lighting. He did joke about almost bringing a candle for me in case I needed to use the bathroom.

Monday is a pretty typical upper body workout. After Warm-Up #2 and some extra band work for my ankles, I do two warm up sessions for dumbbell flat presses–15 lbs for 12 reps, 20 lbs for 12 reps, rest.

Last week I got to 40 pounds on the dumbbell flat press. I’m really not sure what the reps were or how many sets but I was pretty impressed.

We were going to do 4 sets of 5 reps (I think). I got to my third press and I felt the pinch in my left shoulder as if someone was drawing out a string down my shoulder and up my neck. I cried uncle. There was no going back to this exercise.

We tried rolling it out with a tennis ball, slowly rotating my neck and seeing where the limited range of motion was coming from, even a little traction with a band.

I opted to do four sets of push-ups, 8 each. The rest of the workout was tense but my neck hurt no worse than it did just standing.

I’m off to the chiropractor in a little bit.

I either didn’t set my shoulder blades right or as the Trainer suspects I “wiggled” my neck at the wrong moment.


Sad to say I have probably put on about 10-12 pounds since December. I stopped the steroids more than a month ago but my eating habits have gone down hill. And part of the problem is the other medications do cause fatigue–there are some days where I could just curl up on the couch and sleep all day. Currently it is not a “depressive situation” as it is truly physical (even when I’m up and moving on these days, it is so hard to keep my eyes open and I avoid driving if I can) but I can see how this could lead to altering my mood–so I keep moving. I keep my Trainer appointments no matter how tired.

I was hoping to keep busy most of this spring break, especially with all the candy and eating out, but with the stiff neck and pain, we are all vegging out to watch the TiVO and have a marathon of Once Upon A Time. We will walk the dogs later to reward them to no accidents while being kenneled for 10 hours. The sunshine will do me good.

I will go to the trainer tomorrow. Wednesday circuit includes squats and lunges again but my knee is not liking it. But that’s for a whole other post…


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