Project 365: Week 12

March 25, 2012

Week 12? Can you believe we are a quarter of the way through this year already? Where did the time go?

March 18-24

This week is all about the flowers and the blooms on the trees. One day I’d like to take T1 & T2 to see the Cherry Blossoms so that they can say they’ve done it … but I’m not a fan of crowds and I don’t want to go solo. I went once with friends when T1 was a baby. She doesn’t remember it. It was cold and dreary but it was great to see that spring was arriving.

This is a tulip tree in our front yard, outside T1’s window.

Tulip Tree, Copyright SnipeWife

T2 was with me on a gloriously sunny afternoon. These little pink blossoms caught my eye.

T2’s eagle eye saw this lady bug on the ground. I tried to get it in focus but I’m thinking I either need a new camera or new glasses. Most likely the later.

Boy that ladybug moved fast!, Copyright SnipeWife


We need a tree identification book. The girls desperately want to see Cherry blossoms or dogwoods. At first I wasn’t sure what this is, but seriously, it looks like the picture on Wikipedia… so maybe it is a Cherry Blossom.

Could this be a Cherry Blossom? What do you think?... Copyright SnipeWife

T2 was very impressed with the red poppies. I believe her exact word was “Whoa!”

Poppies = "Whoa!" Copyright SnipeWife

A close up of the gorgeous poppy. I always think of my grandfather when I see these. We called him Poppy.

Never forget the Greatest Generation, Copyright SnipeWife

This stump cluster was such an unusual shape but instead of just taking a picture of it head on, I remembered to frame the shot with the yellow daffodil to give it a little contrast and perspective.

Aren't you glad this is not just a boring picture of a stump?


  1. I just noticed yesterday that some flower bulbs I had planted last year have buds on them…Thank you, God, for spring!!! Beautiful pictures!

  2. We should plan to take all the kids one weekend together. I don’t mind the crowds (except finding somewhere to park). I haven’t been since I was first married and didn’t have any kidlets at all. I did bring my dog that has since passed! I think we could take some amazing photos if we do go some day!!

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