Writing Workshop: Dream Castle

March 15, 2012

1.) Share your favorite part of your child’s bedroom.

DH got the plans to build bookcases that resembled houses and castles for T1 & T2. The first was the house. We have great pictures of T2 actually being small enough to climb in it and claim it as her own even though it was in T1’s room.

A little later DH made the castle version for T1. We decided to commission friend and artist Izzy Saylor to create a fantasy fairy tale for this castle. I believe the result is a truly unique piece that will always be in our family. Even when T1 did the room make-over for her 11th birthday the castle bookcase remained in the room–in spite of the fact it had nothing to do with the new grown-up decor.

Because there are so many pictures I am going to include them here in a gallery format. The poor quality of the pictures is truly my fault (and my camera’s) and not Izzy’s.

If you would like to see more of Izzy’s work, go to her Etsy shop. Izzy is also the artist I commissioned to make my fewterer’s garb (hound handler renaissance costume for the rest of you). She truly is a multi-medium artist with amazing skill.

The other thing I like so much about this piece is that DH built it and added the fleck-stone paint. T1 & T2 along with the children of a friend got to paint the inside walls and I got to paint the drawbridge.

As I said, I hope it gets passed down for generations.

Writing Prompts:
1.) Share your favorite part of your child’s bedroom.
2.) It happened at Disneyland…
3.) Incorporate the following line into a poem of your own: “Catching air with my fingers” (inspired by Buttered Toast Rocks http://butteredtoastrocks.blogspot.com/2012/03/sweaty-hands-queasy-stomach.html)
4.) Are you feeling brave? Ask your child where babies come from and share their answers.
5.) Write about the last time you laughed until it hurt…what happened?

For more information about Mama Kat’s world-famous Writing Workshop, click on that trophy over there…


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