Be Vivacious

March 13, 2012

I have to admit I feel most comfortable around real women.

The thing is, they are so real they are Vivacious.

Be Vivacious, Copyright SnipeWife

So Be Vivacious.

Flaunt your abundance of curves.

Admit you’ve colored your hair so long you’re not sure what your natural color is.

Tell me that you shoved a pop tart into your child’s mouth as you break the speed limit taking your brood to school in your pajamas.

Wear that audacious lady bug ring as if it were the Hope Diamond.

Tell me how you got your Vera Bradley purse for a steal.

Scream like a baby when a spider drops in front of you.

Share stories about your husband so I appreciate mine even more (and I’m sure they feel the same way when I mention *gasp* that DH has flaws too).

Remind me it has been a while since I’ve worn a Wonder Woman shirt as if life just wouldn’t be the same if I “dressed my age”.

That is why I keep coming back to the Red Dress Project by the Bloggess. Each of my circle of friends is so real, that sometimes we forget to be Vivacious. Sometimes we’re hurting. Sometimes we need to be encouraged and lifted up and have our secret Wonder Woman identities flaunted.

I’ll admit today I don’t feel Vivacious. T1 and I are going through a rough patch–very typical 6th grade stuff but not typical for her. It is 4:04 in the afternoon and I haven’t heard her tell me “Happy Birthday.” I don’t think it is personal but in spite of the 70+ FB birthday wishes, it is her’s I want to hear. I want to know we’re okay, even if I’m being “harsh.”

Is this where I say that I didn’t hear DH tell me either, but I may not have been listening as I tried to cram as much business into a 4 minute phone call?

But my Vivacious friends took me out to lunch. It is hard not to feel Vivacious around such real women. And balloons. I really want to have a pity party but it is much better to just rock my Pisces shirt and my extra 10 pounds on top of 20 already (or at least think I’m rocking it and hopefully not ruining anybody’s appetite) and lean on my Vivacious friends.

And this weekend? Who knows? Maybe we’ll be so Vivacious we’ll add table dancing to our List of Fun Things to Do Scrapbooking All Weekend Without Your Husband and Children.

If you, dear Reader, want to write on the topic Be Vivacious and have me post the link here, just leave me a comment and I’ll figure out the whole linky thing…


One comment

  1. Vivacious is such an underused word. Those friends are definitely the best. And though I didn’t actually see you in your Wonder Woman shirt I am confident that you rocked it and no one even considered losing their lunch. 😉 Bring it this weekend!

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